Watch Travis Scott and Ludwig Göransson Break Down How They Made “The Plan” for ‘Tenet’

Watch Travis Scott and Ludwig Göransson Break Down How They Made "The Plan" for 'Tenet'

Ludwig Göransson and Travis Scott teamed-up for the Tenet end-credits song “The Plan,” and the two have since explained how it came together.

In a video interview provided by Warner Bros. Pictures, Göransson said that he and director Christopher Nolan sent the film’s prologue to Scott and he was so excited he went to the Warner Bros. studio lot the next day to see the full thing in person. “The music was so loud, bro, it was the first time I’d ever seen a movie like this,” Scott explained. “This was exactly what I needed to come up with the lyrics.”

The collaborative process behind the production for the track involved Scott showing Göransson music he had been working on at the time, and Ludwig showing Travis all the sounds he had been frequently using in the movie’s score. They took a lot of those sounds and Scott made a beat out of them. As previously mentioned in an interview with Variety, Nolan was so happy with the song and Scott’s vocals on its intro that they used his voice as part of the score throughout the film. “That’s actually the first thing you hear in the movie.”

The process differed from how Scott works on his albums, and he made sure to emphasize how much inspiration “The Plan” takes from Tenet. “Making music is like personally coming from me and my life experience. … But I think specifically for this, it’s embodying a feeling in a moment that’s been captured,” he said. “I feel like with albums you take your life stories, put them into lyrics and spread them out across 16 songs. … This wasn’t so much about me, but me in this world of Tenet.”

As for whether Ludwig and Trav would work again, they made it clear they were enthusiastic about collaborating in the future. “Hell yeah we working together,” Scott said before adding that Göransson would make for a great collaborator on Utopia, his highly-anticipated follow-up to Astroworld.

Watch the full interview above.

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