Willie D on Bushwick Bill Getting Shot for Threatening to Throw Baby Out Window

  • In this flashback from 2016, Willie D speaks to VladTV about the circumstances that led to him joining the legendary Geto Boys, noting that he originally was signed to a solo deal on Rap-A-Lot after auditioning for J. Prince. The Houston artist recalls originally not being interested in the idea of joining the group, yet after the addition of Bushwick Bill he started to see the vision and their unlimited potential.
    Elsewhere in the segment, Willie D also shared his views on what he thinks happened when Bill was shot in the eye, noting that he believes that Bill was heavily drinking one night which led to an argument with his girlfriend. Additionally, he disputes the narrative that Bill shot himself that night in a suicide attempt, saying that "Bill loves Bill and Bill likes living," while adding that "he's not crazy even though he does some crazy s***."

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