Brittany Hill a Young mother killed while shielding her baby from bullets

    Moments before two men opened fired on a young mother holding her infant child earlier this week in Austin, the 1-year-old held up her hand, smiled and waved at them as they drove up, prosecutors said.
    Despite that, 39-year-old Michael Washington fired from the passenger seat of the Chevrolet Impala into the group of people the mother was standing with shortly before 9 a.m. in the 1200 block of North Mason, authorities said.
    Brittany Hill, 24, was almost immediately struck by one of the bullets in the abdomen, but was able to keep hold of her child and then turned to shield her baby from further gunfire, prosecutors said.
    Washington and 23-year-old Eric Adams, who was driving, stopped the car, a silver Chevy Impala, got out and continued to fire at the fleeing victims, prosecutors said.
    As the others in the group ran off, Hill staggered away and fell at the back of a parked car, where she continued to shield her daughter, prosecutors said.
    Hill’s 1-year-old daughter survived the attack and Hill’s actions to protect the girl as she faced the violent onslaught have been praised as heroic.Prosecutors said the shooting was captured by Chicago police POD surveillance cameras and that Washington and Hill could both be clearly seen in the footage.
    The apparent targets of the shooting are believed to be the people Hill was standing with when the shots rang out, authorities said. Hill had been talking with her daughter’s 23-year-old father, who was seated in a parked car in the block, and with two other men, ages 19 and 26.Once Washington and Adams finally left, prosecutors said the 23-year-old father could been seen on video surveillance head back to his car with a gun and chase after the shooters, who he eventually lost sight of in Oak Park.
    A passerby picked Hill up in their car and rushed her to West Suburban Medical Center in Oak Park, but she was pronounced dead shortly after arriving, authorities said.The Impala’s license plate was matched to a recent traffic stop in which Washington was the driver.
    When Chicago police called to alert authorities they were looking for Washington and Adams, Champaign police told them they were preparing to continue the search.
    Both men are presumed innocent until found guilty....But f'k that I saw them shoot that mother so they deserve the chair.

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