Kodak Black Calls Lil Wayne's Daughter BALD HEADED & YFN Lucci DOESN'T DEFEND Her!

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    Kodak Bl...
    #InDaNewsTV #KodakBlack #YFNLucci #LilWayne For in the news tv Daily, where we provide daily uploads of the latest news and current events...
    Kodak Black disrespects Lil Wayne’s Daughter on Instagram Live, and YFN Lucci doesn’t answer to it…
    So according to reports and video, Kodak Black performed last night at Club LIV, and right before the club let out Kodak grabbed the microphone and asked where was Lil Wayne at? Fans in the comments started to speculate that Kodak wanted the smoke with Weezy, and that's when the internet took over spreading the message to his daughter Reginae. One she saw the clip, she posted this to her Instagram: You new lil rappers need to start giving props and respect to the goat. My father doesn’t bother anybody. He won’t even react to what was said. This man be in his own world so leave him alone. You pick the night he didn’t go to liv to say that. You bold. Don't tell me to stay out of it because that’s my father and you mf dont give him his credit and its a shame. His whole album sounded like my daddyish.
    So fast forward to this afternoon, Kodak Black went to his Instagram to explain what he meant when he said, Where Lil Wayne was at. So the club promoters told Kodak that Wayne was going to pull up on him to show love, and that was that. So when Kodak asked where Lil Wayne was at, he was in hopes to meet the Rap Goat. But this wasn't understood by his daughter, so Kodak called Reginae a bald-headed girl and things went completely left after that.
    YFN Lucci went to his Instagram in which fans in the comments thought he would respond about the events, but he said he liked with Kodak Black, and basically, he wasn’t going to respond on the Internet.
    Let's talk about this in the comments, how do you feel about this situation? Is YFN Lucci Backing down? If you were Lucci would u have said something in defense to Waynes daughter? Do you think it will come to the point where Kodak Black will run into YFN and Regaine or even Lil Wayne?
    Let’s chat below, I’m in the news with it I’ll catch you on the next one.
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