Sauce Walka DESTROYS Young Thug after being Called a "Slime"

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    #InDaNewsTV #SauceWalka #YoungThug
    For in the news tv Daily, where we provide daily uploads of the latest news and current events...Sauce Walka and Yo...
    #InDaNewsTV #SauceWalka #YoungThug
    For in the news tv Daily, where we provide daily uploads of the latest news and current events...Sauce Walka and Young Thug go back and Forth on Social Media about Being a Blood. Things are warming up between the Houston Rapper and Atlanta's own Young Thug. To catch everyone up to speed, Sauce is from Houston where he claims being a Blood, while Thug claims to be a Blood from Atlanta. I really don’t see the problem, they are both from the same gang right? Everything should be love, and respect... Nope, wrong Sauce posted this video to his Instagram with over 285,000 viewers as of now...He posted this caption, Do not call me Slime, im not your slime in not no snake. I'm bracking ima big bird, sound cloud rappers and white girls whipping they noses. Crips calling each other my slimes instead of my loc. Leave me outta this sound cloud banging plsz. I drip with real crips and bloods only… Those who really earned the right and took the risks and sacrifices to represent a set….. I guess this message hit Jeffrey the wrong way because he posted this reply to the video. He replied to say “Its Up”, Sauce replied saying this" Im just seeing this Thug stop acting like I didn’t press u in Houston in G5’s strip club last year in real life no rapping, facts. No man in a dress can fade me. Young thug get off my page before I punch u and ur weak security down when I be you. This can get ugly because Sauce gets busy, and of course, Thuggas people are not to be played with. Let's talk about this in the comments, who is right in the situation? Sauce or Thug? Let’s chat below, I’m in the news with it I’ll catch you on the next one. SUBSCRIBE to our Channel by Clicking here: (Turn on Bell Notifications) Follow Me on Instagram: Business or Copyright Notices: (2 Hour Response Guarantee)
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