Young Dolph ROBBED for HALF of MILLION Dollars in ATL!

  • #InDaNewsTV #YoungDolph Young Dolph robbed for $500,000 in Jewelry, Cash, and a Ton of Items: Adolph Thornton JR also known as his Performance name Young Dolph was robbed today at a Local Cracker Barrel in Fairburn, GA, which is on the outskirts of Atlanta. According to Reports, Dolph was having lunch when criminals Stole Nearly half a million in Jewelry and cash from the rappers, Customized Benz. According to the statement from the Fairburn Police department, just before Noon, this happened. Dolph was having lunch with another man when employees told him his car was broken into. The rapper told the authorities his driver's side window was smashed in, the thieves stole $500,000 worth of items out of the 2018 Mercedes- Benz G63. Here is what was stolen, a Diamond Chain, worth 27,000, another gold chain worth $57,000, Richard Millie watch, worth $230,000, Patek Phillipe watch, $85,000, Cartier sunglasses at $24,000, Carter Glass at $7000, a Glock Firearm, Pirelli backpack $300, Apple MacBook $3,000, Apple iPad $500, Apple Air Pods, at $200…. He also said the window replacement would cost $700.00. Police are searching for the robbers, but they have the surveillance from a nearby Gas Station which shows the Theft. Let's talk about this in the comments, why does it seem like bad luck is Following Dolph? just last year, his car was shot up 100 times, during the CIAA events, and then a few months back the rapper was shot in LA. The only thing I don’t get about this is, it seems like his list of items stolen are way higher in the price tag, almost double in the price so unless the items are customized, Dolph about to come upon the Insurance Money. Do you think Dolph was being careless with his items by leaving it in plain sight at his a restaurant? Comment below, I’m in the news with it. SUBSCRIBE to our Channel by Clicking here: (Turn on Bell Notifications)
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