J Rock - Neighborhood Dealer

  • "J Rock - Neighborhood Drug Dealer" from the 1991 Album: "Streetwize"...(Click "show more" for artist info)..
    Source Magazine review of "Streetwize":
    Avid readers of The Source will recognize J Rock as the Unsigned Hype winner from December '90. On his debut album, Streetwize, J Rock shows why he won by kicking def lyrical skills over a dope assortment of funky tracks that will please hip-hop ears. DJ Premier and Easy Moe Bee lend their production skills to give the record added thump.
    On the "Street Side," J Rock addresses issues that affect the black community for "The Shakedown" a thick beat drops while J Rock sheds on how police incorrectly assume that all brothers sell drugs, over a chunky snare accented with a King Floyd vocal riff. "Neighborhood Drug Dealer" is self-explanatory jam that rides a smooth bassline, kicks from "Funky President," and KRS One's phrase, "he's the neighborhood drug dealer" from "Material Love.
    The "Wize" side has more life. It presents a more simple braggadocio rhyme style that J Rock does some justice to a funky bassline while the chorus suports a catchy sax riff. The cut that's phat demonstrates why he's one of hip-hop's most sought after producers by wrecking the set with a phat funk drum loop accompanied with clanging snares. As a result, J Rock and DJ Premier rise to the occasion on this track. J Rock shows and proves with an album that is made for the street.
    - Big B
    Streetwize track list:
    1 Let Me Introduce Myself
    Producer – Easy Mo Bee
    2 Segment One: Under Arrest
    3 Streetwize
    4 Brutality
    Producer – DJ Premier
    5 The Pimp
    Producer – DJ Premier
    6 The Shakedown
    7 Neighborhood Drug Dealer
    8 Don't Sleep On Me
    9 Root Of All Evil
    10 The Messiah
    11 Ghetto Law
    Producer – DJ Premier
    12 Segment Two: Street Scene
    13 Around My Way
    14 The Real One
    Producer – DJ Premier
    15 Another Tough Guy
    16 Segment Three: Dead
    17 Save The Children
    18 Cazanova
    19 Let's Get It Together
    20 Neighborhood Drug Dealer (DJ Premier Remix)
    Remix – DJ Premier
    Produced For – 6th Borough Productions
    Produced For – Gangstarr Productions
    Recorded At – Such-A-Sound Studio
    Mastered At – Frankford/Wayne Mastering Labs
    Published By – Ghetto Groovz Music
    Pressed By – Specialty Records Corporation

    Category : hip hop old school