Rich the Kid ROBBED at GUNPOINT! Jewelry & $50,000 in CASH TAKEN!

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    More News on Rich the Kid being Robbed in Los Angles for Jewelry and over $50,000 in cash.
    Yesterday, Dimitri Roge...
    #InDaNewsTV #RichTheKid
    More News on Rich the Kid being Robbed in Los Angles for Jewelry and over $50,000 in cash.
    Yesterday, Dimitri Roger better acknowledged as Rich the Kid was robbed in the LA. Rich was at the WestLake Recording Studios. The Plug walk rapper was outside of the studio when reports are saying he was ambushed for his Jewelry and Large stacks of cash. Minutes before the Robbery transpired he posted this picture on his instagram, he wrote the caption, Always in Bank mo Deposit. He also posted a Video after leaving the bank dancing with cash in his hands. According to reports, an unknown number of attackers ran up on Rich and his bodyguard furthermore pistol-whipped the Security and ran off with Rich’s chains and money. While leaving the commotion, the robbers fired over 10 shots at the victums entourage. Here is a picture from ABC7’s sky cam, showing rich the kid without the Jewelry he had on moments before on his Instagram post.
    The thing is, this is not the first time this has happened to Rich the Kid, back in June of 2018 he was robbed at gun point during a home invasion at his now’s Baby Mama’s house. Social media are running with conspiracy theory saying Tori Brixx was the reason for the robbery before and she struck again. Me personally, she is currently pregnant with Rich the kid’s baby, so I doubt she would set him up, but you can never know these days.
    With this incident happening in broad daylight in Hollywood, I can’t help but to think this was an inside job, but when you have over 5 million followers on instagram showing ur locations it's sometimes makes u a target when you are just selling ur brand. and putting on for your supporters.
    Let's talk about this in the comments, should Rich the Kid move out of LA? For some reason, Rich has been having bad luck on the west coast…
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