Chris Brown wants to FIGHT Offset OVER 21 Savage!

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    #InDaNewsTV #ChrisBrown #Offset #21Savage
    Chris Breezy and Offset are about to go to blows. This all started from when Chris Brown posted a meme of 21...
    #InDaNewsTV #ChrisBrown #Offset #21Savage
    Chris Breezy and Offset are about to go to blows. This all started from when Chris Brown posted a meme of 21 savages being from London. For those who don’t know, its been an ongoing joke and memes for 21 every since he’s been locked up. Is it wrong? Yes, but a few of the memes I admit has been funny. So when Breezy posted the video on his Instagram I guess he thought everyone would laugh at the video, but Offset pulled up in the comments, Offset said “Memes ain’t funny lame”, this must have rubbed Chris Brown the wrong, because he replied to the comment and said this, FU lil boy. Better worry about what u going on and focus on YOU, all that cap on ig is whats lame… yo energy wasn't like that when I came to the Drake show in la… if u dont get yo a hip hop a hibbet a hibbet to the hi pphop hop and ya dont stop the rocking face out my comments. Sensitive, call me personally, you want some clout when all u gotta do is pull up, no camera no flexing and all. If you a real man fight me, oh another thing $uck my…
    Chris Brown wants all of the smoke it seems like, not only did he reply, he Chris Replied in ALL capital letters, and said if he’s a really a to fight him. Afterwords like that, I Guess offset has to throw hands at the end of the day.
    Let's talk about this in the comments, if Offset turns down the fight with Breezy will his fans look at him differently? Do you guys think Cardi B will get involved in the drama? If she does, things can get really messy. Let's talk about this in the comments, I'm in the news with it.
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