21 Savage Locked up for 23 HOURS out the DAY, G Herbo & BM FIGHT over MONEY

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    #InDaNewsTV #21Savage #GHerbo #BlueFace
    Birdman Buys Blueface a Brand New Porsche, G Herbo & His Baby Mama Fight over Money, Boosie witnesses CEO ...
    #InDaNewsTV #21Savage #GHerbo #BlueFace
    Birdman Buys Blueface a Brand New Porsche, G Herbo & His Baby Mama Fight over Money, Boosie witnesses CEO P throw Two Hundred Thousand in Strip Club, plus More details on 21’s Savage’s current Living Conditions in Jail.
    Blueface Bleedem celebrated his Birthday with a Brand New 2019 Porsche Panamera, the Cripping Rapper turned 22 today, and celebrated after his Manager Wack 100, and Birdman gifted him the car. Blueface says the car doesn’t have anything to do with his deal, its just a gift… Roll it.
    G Herbo and his Baby Mama Ari have been going back and forth on Social Media, for what seems like forever. Ari went to her Instagram page to say that G Herbo isn’t holding up the end of his bargain. So apparently, Swevo had Ari’s mom quit her job with the promise of keeping them afloat. But ever since the two broke up, the funds have stopped. Ari says when she contacted G Herbo about this, he told her to sell the furniture he purchased for them… Roll it.
    Boosie is surprised and Amazed with CEO p, the BR rapper went to his page to recap the Super Bowl Weekend when P threw, $200,000 in all singles to the strippers in the club. Lets talk about this in the comments, is Boosie cap’n or is these real facts? Roll it.
    And last but not least, we have more information on 21 savage and his current living conditions, after being arrested by ICE this past Sunday. According to 21’s Manager, he said this on Twitter, Just got off the phone with Savage. He is in lockdown for 23 hrs out of the day, no tv or any communication besides our 10 min phone calls. Everything I’ve told him that has been happening made him happy & makes this time fly by thanking Y'all for the support.
    Let's talk about this in the comments, do you think 21 will become a resident of America in due time? Did Blueface make a mistake by signing to Birdman? and Is Herbo wrong for stopping the funds after he broke up with Ari? Make sure to comment below, share this video, and vote at the top right of the video, I'm in the news with it, ill catch u on the next one.
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