Chris Brown ARRESTED for Rape in Paris Hotel Room! (Facing up to 15 Years)

  • #InDaNewsTV #ChrisBrown #Paris Chris Brown is currently Locked up on Rape & Drug Charges in Paris. L.A. entertainer Chris Brown and two other unknown individuals are currently locked up in a Paris Jail for Aggravated Rape and Drug Violations. Allegedly, on January 15th, 2019, Chris Brown met a 24-year-old woman at a night club, and took her back to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, along with other women. When alone with Brown, she was alleged to be raped, By Chris Brown, and two other men. So while Chris Brown is currently locked down right now, officials have two days to either file preliminary charges or they have to let him walk. If found guilty the pop star can face up to 15 years in a French Prison. According to sources, Chris Browns now boo Amiikka has seen with Chris Brown around the same time the incident happened a few days ago, seen in these pictures. Amikka went to her Instagram page but didn’t mention Chris at all, she showed Flowers someone sent her and showed the weather in Paris. Roll it. This news is on the eve of Breezy being the first artist to gain ownership of their Masters in a label deal. This deal makes him Youngest artist to secure ownership rights to his masters. “The new deal structure between Brown and RCA records will undoubtedly enhance of the new Chris Brown music, and much more through 2019 and beyond, a statement from RCA. Browns 9th studio album indigo is set o be released sometime this year. Let’s talk about this in the comments, do you think the lady is lying on CB or is these real facts? Make sure to comment below and vote on the card at the top right of this video, I’m in the news wit it.
    Chris Brown ARRESTED for Rape in Paris Hotel Room! (Facing up to 15 Years)
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