Godfrey Slams the Dutch Painting for Themselves Black as "Black Pete" (Part 12)

  • Part 11: youtu.be/jxjpdLedjqE
    Part 1: youtu.be/7x4v_Tg1sQ4
    Godfrey shared his thoughts on the controversial "Black Pete" Dutch tradition, where people don blackface to welcome Saint Nicholas to the country for the holidays. Godfrey explained that he made a video to question why people are still upholding the tradition despite it being obviously racist. He then detailed going back and forth with Dutch people online trying to defend the tradition, which led to Godfrey daring people to do the parade in New York, which was founded by Dutch immigrants. to hear more, including seeing videos of Dutch people using "Black Pete" as a racial slur, hit the above clip.

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