Young Black And Gifted (Azariah + Kidd Called Quest) - The Black Gift (New Full EP)

  • Rochester, NY duo, Young Black And Gifted (Azariah + Kidd Called Quest) deliver their latest project titled "The Black Gift." Listen & Purchase:
    Packed with 12-tracks including the previously leaked "Ain't Nothing New," "The Black Gift" EP features a sole appearance by YBG affiliate Jae Hussle on the track, “More Than Music." The project also includes “Act Out” and “Listen To My Words” from the duo’s first project, "Long Time Coming" released in 2013.
    According to the group, the theme of the EP as a whole is Azariah’s (the emcee of the duo) understanding of his environment and the black experience in America.
    1. Intro
    3.Nothing Like
    4. Nothing New
    5. More Than Music (feat. Jae Hussle)
    6.Bring Excellence
    7.Exquisite Taste
    8.Real For The Fact
    9. Peace
    10.Act Out
    11. Listen To My Words
    12. More Chuck D (P) By Jay The Gifted 1ne
    All Songs Written by Azariah
    BMI written Darius D Franklin
    All Songs Produced By Kidd Called Quest except (More Chuck D) Produced By Jay The Gifted 1ne
    Ascap Jay Quest Beats
    All Songs Mixed by @Midnite except t (Listen To My Words) Mixed By @Lifewithriggz 2010. (Act Out) Mixed By Sharp 2011
    2019 Young Black And Gifted Music
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