Godfrey Impersonates Lord Jamar and Steven A. Smith (Part 9)

  • Part 8: youtu.be/1_-6P7zr5X8
    Part 1: Part 1: youtu.be/7x4v_Tg1sQ4
    In this clip, Godfrey shared his thoughts on Kaepernick's recent NFL workout, which he moved from the Falcons training field to a local high school. Godfrey stated that you can't piss off the rich white guys that are giving him a chance, and he referenced Stephen A. Smith saying that it's "over" for Kaepernick. Godfrey then likened the situation to pro-Black men marrying white women, which the famed comedian says he could never do after big upping Black women for years. He also spoke about white people darkening their skin but having the choice to go light again for privilege. To hear more, including Godfrey saying that white people speaking about being on top is redundant, hit the above clip.

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