NBA Youngboy LEAVES Groupie after She TATTOOS HIS FACE on HER!

  • One of NBA Youngboy's Girlfriends Tattoo's His FACE on her Chest! Youngboy's friend Arabian went to her instagram Page to show her new ink. Arabian was tatted by Altanta's own artist Bink….. Its only thing thing I find wrong about this…. NBA Youngboy DOES NOT APPROVE of the ink. He went to his Twitter to say this, I don't Have No GF, I don't know what's Going On, I aint Been Infulencing…" Arabian isn't worried about the Twitter Rant, because she posted this video showing the tattoo off with a care in the world… Roll it. Lets talk about this in the comments, Is NBA Youngboy that type of Guy where he can just meet a girl and sweep her off of her feet or are these girls just groupies. Make sure to comment on this below and vote at the top right card. I'm in the news with it.
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