What Happened to Underground Hip Hop?

  • If you're a teenager thats too young to understand the difference between underground hip-hop and mainstream hip-hop music, don’t feel bad, because it is not your fault. You were simply born after the period in time when the main way audiences could quickly get in the loop of new music was to turn on the radio. Unless you lived in a city with a radio station open-minded enough to provide a late night slot to a hip-hop DJ with free reign to pick his or her own playlist, or you lived near a college radio signal to hear the raw selections of an underground hip-hop fanatic’s mixtape, vinyl, and CD collection, you were stuck hearing a handful a rap-related “radio records” promoted by major record companies.
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    Narrated by: Pro (@JaysnProlifiq)
    Written by: Jason Cuthbert
    Edited by: Roman Bill
    Music by: Josh Petruccio
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