HIP-HOP UNDERGROUND rap rare & classics 90's

  • Pseudo Prophets - Just Gimme The Hip Hop (Chicago)
    4th Quarter - C-Note and Grants (Philly)
    Jamal - Fades Em All (Pete Rock Remix) ( ‎Philly)
    Diversified Culture - Have You Ever Seen?
    The B.U.M.s - Wreck Your Ears (Can Do) (Oakland)
    Mobb Deep - Take It In Blood (NYC)
    Prose & Concepts -- Weight of the reign (Seattle)
    Street Poets - Out ta flip (Ruffa Mix) (Boston)
    Da Youngsta's ILLY Funkstaz ‎– I'll Make You Famous (Philly)
    Kuku Productions (Ox, Rocky Marciano) - The Prophecy (NYC)
    4izacru - i know ya style ( NYC)

    Category : Philly Underground Rappers