Holliewood - #SoBrooklynChallenge (Casanova - So Brooklyn ft Fabolous)

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    Back on that Brooklyn bullsh*t/
    The year was 2009 ni**a in fact/
    that's the song that almost put me on the map/
    100 block but it ain't make a hunnet racks/
    bad business ni**as ain't know no better/
    It's always a cold world, call that ski mask weather/
    I been nice since vanson leathers,
    since Hov knocked the man off your polo sweater/
    Brooklyn, I'm just getting started/
    heard they counted me out, these ni**as is retarded/ Casanova look what U done started/
    Cant have a Brooklyn challenge w/o me up on it/
    Holliewood, a hidden Brooklyn gem/
    When ni**as say they moving weight that ain't no Brooklyn gym/
    Downtown Jimmy Jazz, or a V.I.M/
    Hitting up Vinnies Styles for some new fresh Timbs/
    I'm so Brooklyn I wear them in the summertime/
    so Brooklyn I was here before they gentrified/
    back when they only tried to kill us/
    now they want our parking spots/
    Back when they was scared to ride to New Lots/
    I'm so Brooklyn I don't trust nobody/
    One of them Boyz in the Hood got a sawed off shotty/
    Don't let that go over head like a JetBlue pilot/
    And when I step out the bldg. I look like flight mileage/
    Myrtle Ave between Throop & Tompkins/
    Where I'm from ni**as aint have many options/
    where U made your own way built it brick by brick/
    and if somebody get out of line U tell em suck my d**k/
    So Brooklyn, ya mans could be a functioning fein/
    And those alphabet boys stay patrolling the P's/
    So Brooklyn, the way I talk is my I.D/
    Tell Ock, no onions up on my chopped cheese/
    Y'all ni**as bout to bring me out of character/
    The quiet one who ain't so quiet watch I embarrass ya/
    Its Holliewood, son, remember the name/
    And no matter how big I get I'm gon remember the pain/
    Remember the Nostrand Ave/
    remember the change/
    remember the uhaul truck/
    remember the range/
    remember the C.I move/
    much of the same/
    there wasn't no ticker tape, but it our 1st place/
    Stop playing/
    like this ni**a ain't the most underrated/
    I done accomplished wild sh*t/
    even when ni**as hated/
    And I'm better than....../
    Ain't no need to debate it/
    No need for a Facebook post/ no need for a ranking/
    Im Brooklyn, got em sick go head let out all the vomit/
    cause if U think I'm gon stop, U must be outta yo bonnet/
    This here is light work, paying Brooklyn homage?/
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