Rap DVD Freestyles Fan Compilation Philadelphia Edition

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    Parental Advisory - Explicit Content (Use Of Strong Language).
    This is a Fan Compilation of freestyles from the DVD era where up and coming rappers would spit their verses to beats on the street. Several small media production companies would film the rappers, compile it with interviews and other content then release it as a DVD to be bought and watched by people across the U.S. The rappers would display their talents in the hopes of becoming famous and potentially getting a record deal. It also often led to rap battles of beefs some of which is featured in this video (between D.Jones and Reed Dollaz).
    When YouTube became available then some of this content was uploaded online and these are some of my favorite verses from Philadelphia rappers (Philly) which had a strong rap scene known for wrappers with a hardcore gritty style and great flow. Cassidy was a pioneer of the punchline heavy style seen here.
    If there are other great freestyles from this era e.g. more Philly rappers or a New York worthy version please comment or send them through and I will look at adding them to another compilation. I have added the artists features timestamps and lyrics in the comments. If there are any corrections please let me know.

    Category : Philly Underground Rappers