Beanie Siegel Crying about no Rappers from Philly...

  • In the 1980's, Philly rappers knew that NYC would not let them shine so they started their own thing and just came with it! In the 90's and 2000's, Philly rappers were arrogant - good, but arrogant and they could not come out without NYC help!
    Here Beans acts like he is the best rapper to come out of Philly and he also acts like Philly MUST be on the hip-hop map. Philly is cool, but it is no NYC ir even a Los Angeles. The rappers that they had were amongst the best and almost all of them were very good, but Beans acts like the Roots were not hip-hop and The Fresh Prince was not to be mentioned when he was "fresh" when he first came out.
    So Beans is doing nothing but crying about how west coast rappers were doing their thing and the only east coast rap was coming from NYC for the most part. Hell, NYC is only the place where it started and it only has 8.5 million people! Do you realize that is MORE than TWICE the population of Los Angeles - the second largest city in the nation? More people means more rappers!
    Besides, Philly is not even on the east coast - it is near it. PA is not on the east coast - it is near it. PA is like Iran to the Arab countries. Iran is not Arab, but they love being in their mix. Philly is not east coast nor in the NY/NJ/CT Tri-state area, but they like to be all in our mix. Nothing wrong with Philly rappers as some of my favorite all-time are from Philly, but this Beans is not one of them. Today's Philly rappers cannot survive or get attention without NYC.

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