Ryan Bowers on Why He's Suing the Police for Shooting Him (Part 3)

  • Part 2: youtu.be/k-DmnBvRdv0
    Part 1: youtu.be/DwJsfCXDM4Y
    In this VladTV clip, Ryan Bowers spoke about Nick Cannon reaching out to him, saying the police acting inappropriate around his situation. Bowers said he felt like the police shouldn’t have shot him, saying they shot first and asked questions later.
    He said the police should have been more prepared for his situation, which he says was mental health instead of shooting him. He noted that he is suing the police, and also said that he is fighting a case along with that. Bowers’ lawyer said that it’s not likely he will do prison time.
    From there, Bowers spoke about relapsing and OD’ing at his studio.

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