Ryan Bowers on His Multiple Suicide Attempts: Swallowing Batteries, Pencils (Part 1)

  • In this clip, Ryan Bowers opened up about his upbringing in San Diego and having parents that were addicted to hard drugs. Ryan also discussed his own bout with a cocaine addiction which developed after his appearance on the MTV show 'Made.' He said that the experience afforded him a certain level of exposure but highlighted the drawbacks that came as a result.
    Ryan Bowers opened up to VladTV about linking up with Nick Cannon and being in the group Psych Ward Druggies. He explained that he and Kehlani were the last two to join the group, and Ryan admitted to having a crush on her back then.
    Ryan went on to speak about actually going to the psych ward five times in his life, including for a public mental breakdown that he had. To hear more about that experience, hit the above clip.

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