Nick Cannon: Kanye Lives in Lipo Central, They Probably Have a Live-In Surgeon (Part 8)

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    In this clip, Nick Cannon shares his thoughts on controversial statements made by Kanye West over the years, including his stance on being a "proud non-reader of books." Cannon explains that he loves Kanye yet doesn't necessarily agree with everything he says or does, proclaiming that just because he's a musical genius doesn't make him an expert in other areas. From there, Cannon and Vlad also discuss Kanye's hypocrisy by getting liposuction while claiming to be a "free thinker." At that point, the potential influence of the Kardashians comes up in the conversation, as Cannon considers how easy it is to get caught up in your own vanity. Later on, they discuss Kylie Jenner getting plastic surgery before she was 18, while Cannon reflects on how he might have avoided the 'Kardashian Curse.'

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