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Mob James on Accidentally Shooting His 14-Year-Old Brother in the Face (Part 5)

  • Part 4: youtu.be/BSMBdp0NbmI
    Part 1: youtu.be/snfETeE_Ai0
    Mob James spoke to VladTV about shooting his younger brother in the face when he was 14, explaining that he thought his brother was dead, but he thankfully survived. He went on to speak about his strained relationship with his father due to being abused from his childhood into his teenage years. Mob James explained that his father beat him repeatedly for no reason when he would come home, adding that one time he beat him so badly that he had to get stitches in his head. 
    James explained that his father's abuse was one of the reasons he turned to the streets and why he didn't respect his mother for not stopping the abuse. To hear more, including how his father's abuse led him to be violent, hit the above clip.

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