Sex Dolls: Women Are In Trouble In 2018 Lmao

sex dolls

My homeboy was talking about getting a sex doll so y’all know I had to roast him. What kind of man is gonna have sex with an inanimate object? Bro, it shouldn’t be that difficult to get a woman man. I was killing him and then I saw it.


Nigga, maybe I’m tripping or maybe I need to stop being so judgmental. I live in Los Angeles so you know some fake breasts or fake butt that’s close to realism to me besides, this one won’t go through your phone. I don’t have to remember her birthday or get anything for Valentine’s Day or for Christmas. Don’t ever gotta meet her parents ain’t never gotta worry about what she been doing all day cus she been in the closet where I left her all day. I probably wouldn’t even put her in the closet cuz I’m not even ashamed. As a matter of fact, when you come over my house you gotta speak to her “hey what’s up y’all”. I’ll appreciate you coming over saying something to Jasmine. I’ma do it so much that people gonna be used to speaking to her. They gonna be thrown off when they don’t see it like “hey what up bro hey where’s Jasmine” “oh she in the room laying down”.  I can do stuff that I never dreamed of doing.  I can watch sports with her without being interrupted once. I can have a full conversation with any female in my life without her asking me who it is or feeling some type of way. She’s not ever gonna say anything and she never gets a period ever ever. She’s always in the mood because she don’t have moods which means no mood swings. Oh I’m buying one today today! Everybody share this, tag a friend, let everybody know fellas we’re not arguing with these women in 2018 man. When they start acting up like “I don’t need this I got a bad chick under my bed right now I’ pull her out.



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