Residents hold emergency meeting over ATV, dirt bike enforcement: 'It's a menace'

Residents hold emergency meeting over ATV, dirt bike enforcement: 'It's a menace'

Residents from across Philadelphia met Wednesday evening to air concerns over the lack of enforcement of illegal ATV and dirt bike riders.

The Queen Village Neighbors Association hosted the event.

“We are working really, really prudently, and diligently to stay on this one topic, it’s a safety issue,” said Eleanor Ingersoll, president of the Queen Village Neighbors Association.

She also says she’s been joined by associations from all over the city who want the vehicles gone.

Philadelphia Deputy Commissioner Joe Dales says so far this year they’ve confiscated more than 200 of the illegal vehicles. But he adds they can only pursue riders under extreme circumstances.
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  1. Watch how many videos there are of legit kids being hassled riding a tiny 80cc bike on backroads across the country. I live out in the country and get hassled constantly riding bc “it’s loud”. Worry about your own safety people. It’s getting ridiculous. “Those who surrender their rights and freedom for safety, deserve neither”. Far too many Karen’s and Darrens in the world

  2. When you tell a group of people they are the victim all their life than arrest them for doing something wrong than it is being a hypocrite , try holding them accountable from the start dems.

  3. They like being getto , its about defiance . The cops aren’t allowed to chase them. Liberals are morons “its a part of philly culture “ . That is the dumbest thing i have ever heard.. This is larry Krasner, Jim Kenny and Outlaws Philadelphia..

  4. Keeping tourists away? Seriously? Pretty sure the everyday murders will be what keeps tourists away!

  5. If you notice they are all of a certain race. Vote these democrats who want to defund the police out of office. Let the cops profile and Stop and Frisk certain people.

  6. Philadelphia really is the trashiest city in America…Good job guys…A dirt bike problem in downtown…WOW…You just made me a little less embarrassed to live in Tampa, at least I'm not in Philly.

  7. Dirt bikes and ATVs are not for cities, especially not high-traffic areas for pedestrians and cars. And they shouldn't be riding after 9pm.

  8. Maybe I'm just the old person in the room now but those things are a complete menace, I live in downtown Dallas and I get so sick of hearing those loud exhaust pipes, so I can only imagine what those people in Philadelphia are going through.

  9. You may not be able to keep them in jail but you can seize and auction their property if it’s a nuisance.

  10. It's called tough justice!but the skin color decides everything and well, these folks here will have nothing done to them!

  11. All you need to do is find some guys who are connected and the problem will solved . You have treat animals like animals .

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