Million Dollaz Worth of Game Episode 77: “Tekashi69’s Proposal”

Million Dollaz Worth of Game Episode 77: "Tekashi69's Proposal"


The Million Dollaz Worth of Game show, a weekly podcast with rapper Gillie Da King and social media influencer and disruptor Wallo267 (who are also first-cousins) targeting their combined social media presence of over 1.3 million followers.

Gillie and Wallo’s audiences have been demanding a podcast and this is the delivery. For their audience, the Million Dollaz Worth of Game show bridges the gap between social media and reality tv, satiating the hunger for original and authentic content.

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  1. Why you didnt ask him how he got your number. You passed your number like a clown and told someone to tell you to call him. Come on man.

  2. The thing about gillie accidentally snitching is he always had a mindset to make it right. Wallos a millionaire, if not on his way, he has to forgive. It’s about racism and tossing people back into slavery. Not a simulation but real life slavery. The real question is: Can snitching violations be corrected? Minus life sentences of course. Whatever happened between the cousin all I see is 2 good people, can’t say the same for 69.

  3. Frfr I don’t even listen when she talks I think her opinion is pointless and the whole playing dumb and acting stupid thing is not cute I think you should keep using the other guy to do that job ,the one that does real estate I forget his name I know this is old but for real like she is cap I love the show I’ve always fucked with Gill but fr I can’t be the only one that thinks this way bout her

  4. Either someone picked up the phone for him and then he set his recorder on before answering or he records all calls for “insurance” purposes. Either way he smart.
    I set my recorder app all the time at work or when I’m around certain people.
    I have a lot of coworkers talking sh¡t about their boss, friends talking trash about their friends, I could do a lot of damage with it or even extort? But that’s not my style, I only use it when someone comes at me.

  5. Nah Real Screet Catz Ain't Even SittiN Down Wit No Ratz We Exterminate Em, & His career in the toilet, why he asking people to interview em and hell pay the interviewer, Cuz He Ain't PoppiN Bra we Over It Bra Go Back HOME

  6. Yooo gillie if ya boy don't stop moving his shoulder like that it's gone get stuck 👑 😆 even funnier how he was staring into the camera salute y'all

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