Oschino rhyming over beat effortlessly as usual



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  1. I hadda Jus sit my ass down..u can listen or hear this joint…ONLY FEEL IT' ..o' ..this is 2 Real..2 ' LIVE' 4 u not 2 be felt' ?I m Sorry 4 your losses'?… Keep ya keep up brah' STAY STRONG'….PHILLY UP !! MAS' S p 12st????✊✌

  2. You gotta really listen to the artist to fuck with oschino and when you listen to him…. He take you through his entire life… it’s really crazy I’m mad they don’t appreciate artists like this anymore.

  3. O you did it again this one is another one of your Master Pieces. This video had a magnificent flow and Flamin bars that came from the heart. This is what 98% of todays rap is missing. O is still top 10 dead or Alive All Time.

  4. You can hear the pain bro stay strong o the lord will never let go your hand.. I lost my brother two kids my homie and grandma the pain is deep don't cry or give up we young black kings the lord got a better plan stay tune

  5. Salute to a true Philly O.G. the bull Oschino the flame never flickered or faulted over the years keep bringing that shit real ones such as myself want to hear my bull✊

  6. Oschino really told us everything in his life but it's crazy how this vid makes me feel about my life and young son. you guys well be playing 2k one day again. legendary O

  7. ??? and very heartfelt at same time. Oschino vasquez always was my favorite to listen to I still listen to those hot 97 freestyles wit the roc

  8. Wow…You can tell this Man has been to Hell and Back And is still able to paint a vivid picture like he was there yesterday or was on the block with you this Morning at 3:45 am…His word play and delivery were vicious He is Definitely a living Legend and Hopefully he will continue to bless us with These messages that if your really Listening to And I mean Really Listening to Can Save Your Life..Thanks O…..Stay Sturdy Bro

  9. Peace to the God O.V. Sending my respect and condolences to the family! May Allah continue to bless you and yours Ahk. Remember Allah don't make mistakes. A brighter day is sure to come ! Peace from Almighty Wadu Allah

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Kingearner woke up & said wherever I stop  I will earn today smh ,Stylesp speaks do you agree?

Kingearner woke up & said wherever I stop I will earn today smh ,Stylesp speaks do you agree?

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