DRINK CHAMPS: (Pt.2) James Cruz, Eric Nicks Maricarmen Lopez Shabazz The OG & Hakim Green | Ep. 230

DRINK CHAMPS: (Pt.2) James Cruz, Eric Nicks Maricarmen Lopez Shabazz The OG & Hakim Green | Ep. 230

N.O.R.E. & DJ EFN are the Drink Champs. On today’s episode The Champs chop it up one more time with music executives James Cruz and Eric Nicks and special guest Mariacarmen Lopez (Love & Hip Hop).

We are also joined by special guests Shabazz The OG & Hakim Green. Our guest continue to share behind the scenes stories that you never heard before. As the shots keep flowing the stories continue to get interesting! Make some noise!

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  1. Drink champs is like a family discussing issues in the world .. giving you history., with a nice drink at your side … NORE is that Guy that you wanna get Drunk with … ..

  2. The female from Love n hip hop, don't fit the show.. I can't rock with her. Overall I live the show..great back stories. That shoe Love n hip hop is drama show to help struggling artist

  3. E. Nicks started to piss me off when he started denying programming. I understand you’re extremely intelligent when it comes to the music business over a legendary career, but you’re not a PhD level psychologist to say kids are not heavily influenced by marketing (aka the constant pushing of the “negative” music Hakeem was talking about that floods the Top 20.)

    This shxt is SOOOOOO much deeper than E. Nicks will allow himself to humbly understand. He wants to be right about everything. Proof by his interjections throughout the whole interview. It’s a habit. He has great points, and more than great knowledge, he’s just wrong to say kids make all their fxckin decisions out of free will. That’s just not true.

  4. This argument about the narratives of assimilation vs. authenticity and the agenda of the industry is so amazing. Everyone has great points and intentions. I wish I could summarize for them because they’re all arguing different things.

    E. Nicks had the strongest position before he started strongly disagreeing with everyone, then he lost it when he said artists have to be stars to make bread. So much shxt I’m not bout to write a dissertation on right now at 3am lmao but this the best conversation I’ve ever heard in a Drink Champs or a talk show PERIOD!

  5. Buster Rhymes is the best “live performer” in the history of hip hop…I’ve seen everyone from Biggie, Jay Z, OutKast, Roots, KRS 1, Big Daddy Kane, Doug E Fresh, PE no one brings that kind of energy

  6. Something that isn't said in the hip hop discussion is that none of the most talented hip hop producers are really involved in music anymore. P Diddy, Dr Dre, Russell Simmons, Master P, Damon Dash, Irv Gotti, Pharrell, etc etc. None of them, that I am aware of, still run labels or produce music. You would think these guys would be the heads of all the major record labels but they aren't. I wonder why that is.

  7. Idk Chris lighty but after this I'm hurt the way he went out … I felt this for real never have I watched an interview and its so real and heart felt …..

  8. First of all this is the most sober I’ve seen NORE. Second of all James Cruz made me cry. The pain in his heart was real. If you closely watch both episodes it’s very interesting how they allude to the fact that Violator was a fun & cool place until a certain artist got signed. Then their leader/friend/brother ended up meeting an unfortunate demise while someone was fucking his daughter and publicly embarrassing his own son. This person has FREQUENTLY been the common denominator in violence and drama cause he often plays both sides for selfish gain… the ole daddy/daughter love triangle clearly is his specialty

  9. Shabazz the og said some of the realest shit ever spoke on drink champs and I’ve been a fan since day 1… that’s not a knock against the podcast and it’s content because I love it deeply but more so a testament to how powerful and true that shit my man shabazz spoke!!! 💯 ❤️ 🖤

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