Aries Spears Launches Tirade Against Rap Artists: “None Of You N*ggas Sound Different”

Aries Spears, New Rap, Young Generation, Generations of Hip Hop, Instagram

The acclaimed actor-comedian claims “everything sounds the same” with younger artists from “NBA YoungBoy to Lil Baby to Rondo Quando.”

When a self-proclaimed “Old Head” launches a conversation that compares the current state of Hip Hop and Rap to what we’ve received in the past, often we hear them lament over how music has evolved. Actor and comedian Aries Spears has been in the entertainment industry for decades, most notably as a cast member of MADtv for eight years, often spending time and forming relationships with many artists in the game. As a lover of Rap and Hip Hop, Spears has, like all of us, observed the twists, turns, and evolution of artists and their sounds, and he voiced his frustrations with what he’s currently hearing on the airwaves.

Aries Spears, New Rap, Young Generation, Generations of Hip Hop, Instagram
Ethan Miller / Staff / Getty Images

“Whaddup it’s your boy Aries Spears, aka Old Head. Listen, I wanna ask the young generation a question, seriously,” said the actor. “How is it that y’all don’t get bored with the current state of Hip Hop and what y’all are doing to rap? When everything sounds the same. The melodies, the same. The beats, the same. The cadence, the same. The flow, the same. Everything autotune.” He then mocked the sound he was referring to.

“From NBA YoungBoy to Lil Baby to Rondo Quando, none of you n*ggas sound different. There’s no individuality or originality,” Spears continued, once again giving an example as to what he’s speaking about. In the caption, he added, “NOT TO MENTION U CANT UNDERSTAND THE LYRICS AT ALL!!!! & WHAT U DO MAKE OUT IS THE SAME SH*T, MY MONEY, MY CAR, MY GUN, MY HOE! (REPEAT) WHERE IS THIS YOUNG GENERATIONS VERSION OF BLACK THOUGHT (INSANELY LYRICAL) NAS (RAPPING BACKWARDS) BIGGIE (INSANE STORY TELLING) ALA ‘*IGGAS BLEED’ BIG PUN (COMPLEX WORDPLAY) WTF!” 

This isn’t a new complaint from a person familiar with older generations of Hip Hop and Rap, and it certainly won’t be the last. Check out the actor’s clip below and let us know if you think he’s overreacting or if he’s spot on about his assessment of the current state of the culture.

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