AR-AB Associate Skinny Me Reveals He’s Been In The Hole 5 Months “I Run This Jail With An Iron Fist”

AR-AB Associate Skinny Me Reveals He's Been In The Hole 5 Months “I Run This Jail With An Iron Fist”

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AR-AB Associate and Artist Under OBH Records Skinny Me Reached Out To Mikey T The Movie Star of Report Card Radio From The State Prison where her has been in Solitary Confinement for the better part of 6 Months ..#SkinnyMe Updates All The Fans On His Current Condition in Jail and much more stay tuned for my Exclusive Interview With Skinny Me..#ARAB #DarkLo

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  1. the hole could make you or brake you but trust me
    it’s gonna brake you first… nothing cool about being stuck in a cell 23 hours a day that shit start playing mind games with you…. i use to hear grown men cry, the tuffest of the tuffest lost they minds in that box… i did 30 days and that shit felt like i was living in hell… no commisary, no phone calls nothing…. don’t let this shit gas you up the box is not where you wanna be…

  2. I couldn’t imagine being in the hole for that long? I did one month and almost lost my mind in that bitch. You go stir crazy and it’s hard on the mental

  3. Glad I found your channel! This is good shit! You need to get your channel out there more. The $ you put in to expand your coverage/subscribers you’ll get back x5

  4. Was at PICC on state road wit Skinny. He is a stand-up guy. Last time I saw him we went to court together, rode the same sheriff bus, he got everybody on the bus high. Made for a good day in jail even if ya case ain’t go right.

  5. 5 months ain't that long if ur up state a whole sentence starts at like 6 months in the county if catch a stabbing or something u can do a year or better

  6. You gotta have your head on your shoulders in that hole. They use it to try to get you to start talking to yourself.

  7. Being in the hole is 2 things , fighting A lot or hiding.
    Sorry but running a jail u push buttons not put in work,
    Just saying.
    The ones that run the jail are the correction officers ?‍♀️

  8. The hole is no joke 23 lock down I'm glad to hear he's holding up lot of dudes a hang up from being in the hole for a day solute to. That bro shit crazy

  9. In philly running the jails comes from having access and compromising the guards as long as u have access to the guards it don't matter if u in the hole u can still run the jail I seen it first hand

  10. I did 17 years. My last 10 on 12 i spent 3 years 10 months in the hole. If u act up u get seg loaf. All the food combined n cooked to a loaf. Then u get the wrong celly u may fight to the death

  11. I was becomin a really big fan of skinny me, he was a very genuine dude, im one of those people who likes to hear updates about him

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