Ameen Hurst | Philadelphia Shooter | American Dope

Ameen Hurst | Philadelphia Shooter  | American Dope

Recently, in the “City of Brotherly Love”, aka Philly, a 16 year old named Ameen Hurst was charged with 4 murders and was labeled a hitman by some in law enforcement, though the motives for the killings and why Hurst was the triggerman was not released. Whether young Ameen is an actual hitman or not, the case made me think of several of the stories I’ve done, including my interviews with convicted teenage hitman “Kurt McGurt” of Detroit.
Ameen Hurst’s final crime occured, I would say “ironically”, but its too disturbing to be ironic because it happened on the grounds of the county Jail itself in Philadelphia. On March 18, victim Rodney Hargrove, 20, was gunned down an hour after his father bailed him out of Philadelphia’s Curran Fromhold Correctional Facility at 1:00 in the morning on gun chargers. Hargrove walked over to the bus stop across from the jail, then Ameen Hurst, allegedly, arrived in a car, saw Hargrove, who then ran back onto the jail grounds with the car carrying Ameen chasing him.
So Hargrove runs back toward the very jail that had deprived him of his freedom seeking safety, but there was NO GUARD at the entry AND the gate, which should have blocked any car from getting in, WAS RAISED! The car chasing Hargrove was able to follow him onto the jail grounds and, according to prosecutors, 16 year old Ameen Hurst gunned him down.
Hurst was arrested within 48 hours after that and has been in custody since March 20. He is being charged as an adult. He is 16.
35 Years in Prison:
Kurt McGurt:



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  1. He know he just got out because he posted it on his Instagram. I live in Philly that wasn’t no set up. That just a dumb ass co not doing his job

  2. The pandemic money is allowing these young bucks here in Philly to more access to guns.. combine that with the drugs they taking equals high murder rates.

  3. I went to visit a relative in Philly, I was glad when I left. Everybody is on a gangster tip there. I saw a fight at the bus stop because somebody got bumped by accident getting on the bus. Everbody else but those two idiots looked strapped.

  4. This side is smiling while he talking about Black Death. Wake up my people. Let’s stop letting these other cultures monetize on our pain and struggle as ADOS

  5. I have been to many cities and Philly is by far the dirtiest one. I stayed at a hotel in a bad area which had fresh gun shot holes and blood while checking in welcome to Philly

  6. It ain’t no love in this city that brotherly love shit went out the window years and years ago. Pua got these young niggas out here wit money for guns

  7. These philly youngans not hit mans. In Chicago is a lot of hit man than kill people for other friends of their for money. Philly different. They just kill to get sb gon. No money needed. Is not hard all they got do a pull up in squeeze like they did hundreds of times before.

  8. The P getting crazy
    Haven’t been home in a decade
    But every time I call home someones shot or someone’s dead

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