Activist cautions rap industry to expose its sexual predators #HerRapStory


Activist Lance Cooper was motivated by the #MeToo project to start a campaign to not only stop the misogyny in rap music, but out sexual predators he stated he understands exist in hip-hop.

“A great deal of black males in hip-hop will not support #HerRapStory, due to the fact that they are either the sexual predators/harassers or good friends with the sexual predators and harassers,” he of the males in hip-hop have utilized their power as a weapon to silence somebody they’ve sexually assaulted or harassed, “he tweeted, but didn’t point out specifics.

He went on to state that few in the rap market are brave enough to expose the sexual predators that he knows exist in hip-hop.

“This is due to the fact that rape culture and disrespecting women is an important pillar in what rap has actually become. The unfortunate part is, nobody cares,” he tweeted. “I produced #HerRapStory due to the fact that nobody in hip-hop media or the market had the guts to, and the many women/girls who’ve been raped, assaulted and bothered, by rap artists and producers, are worthy of to be heard. It’s long past due, and now is the time to break the silence.”

Orcutt wishes to see the glorification of misogyny and objectification end and thinks it ultimately will. She do not see it occurring with the president at any time quickly.

“The same can not be stated for a president whose habits regularly encourages such a horrific viewpoint to ladies to become the accepted standard,” she composed. “That is one of the many reasons I’m frightened of what a Donald Trump presidency could suggest for the Brock Turners of the nation, all while triggering a part of my past that not even the filthiest of rap lyrics can stimulate.”

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